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San Diego Mediation Services


After 30 years of a successful career in law, Sergio Feria is proud to include a mediation practice to his repertoire of legal services. As an experienced litigator and a leader of the legal community, Mr. Feria welcomes the opportunity to mediate your client’s disputes. All mediations are conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality. Mediation allows all parties to participate and contribute in formulating a solution to their dispute and allows the parties to avoid the ordeal of litigation, the cost of litigation, and the uncertainty of a court or jury decision.


Many types of civil disputes, such as labor, business, partnership, contract, real estate, employment, and personal injury, can often be resolved even before costly litigation begins. Attorney’s fees, costs, and the ordeal of a lawsuit make mediation a smart choice for all parties. If the matter is already in the litigation system, deciding on Mediation early in the litigation process is critical to finding solutions prior to the parties’ positions becoming hardened and entrenched-in addition to reducing the stress and expense that always accompanies litigation.



Most problems have solutions-if you are truly are interested in fixing the problem. Sometimes a solution comes quickly, and sometimes it takes time to develop. Many solutions are not obvious and require some creativity by the Mediator and the parties. This is particularity true in matters where there is no insurance coverage. Feria Mediation Services offers a neutral, confidential, and experienced approach to a wide spectrum of challenging legal problems and issues.

Feria Mediation Services offers facilitative mediation as well as evaluative mediation services.

Feria Mediation Services are fully bilingual in Spanish, and are offered throughout the State of California.