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Numerous types of trauma or accidents result in head and/or brain injury. The brain is the most vital and most mysterious organ. It is our personal computer where everything is stored, memorized, and called upon. All of our everyday functions are controlled and operated by our brain. When asked to function, we expect our brain to operate in a normal fashion and guide us through life. We take our normal brain function for granted because it is always there, continuously performing for us at all times day or night, and ready to perform for us when we call upon it for a special task.

Unfortunately, numerous types of trauma or accidents result in head or brain injury, whether it is traumatic brain injury (TBI) or mild brain injury. A fall, an auto accident, a sports injury, a playground accident, a bicycle or motorcycle accident, and other types of accidents can result in concussions, contusions, and brain injury. Our motor functions and our executive functions can be adversely affected.

Medical specialist such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologist, psychoanalysts, and vocational and physical rehabilitation specialists may be needed. Special procedures such as a PET Scan (positron emission technology), MRI, EEG (encephalogram), and CT Scans may be needed. Neuropsychological testing may also be called for in order to test for deficits.

A brain injury brings with it a lifetime of care, personal adjustment, family adjustments, rehabilitation, work place and professional adjustments, home adjustments, and extraordinary medical expense. In addition, future earnings are dramatically affected resulting in a dramatic impact on the victim’s lifetime financial condition. A life care plan may be a necessary part of dealing with a serious brain injury. The life care plan is created by a specialized team of professionals.

For the past 36 years as a California personal injury lawyer, Attorney Sergio Feria has applied his extensive legal knowledge, legal skills, and legal experience to serve brain injury victims and their families.

Head and brain injuries, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death cases are the type of cases that Mr. Feria has litigated over the past 36 years. Mr. Feria is able to handle any brain injury case that reaches his desk.

By design, The Law Office of Sergio Feria does not take on more cases than Mr. Feria and his staff can properly work up. Because of the limited case load, you are assured that your case will get the attention it deserves.

Mr. Feria has represented clients who speak many different languages, including Spanish. Mr. Feria is a fluent Spanish-speaking attorney.

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