San Diego Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are the most tragic of all injuries. Whether the injury is a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury, whether it is paraplegia or quadriplegia, a spinal cord injury brings with it a lifetime of care, personal adjustment, family adjustments, rehabilitation, work place and professional adjustments, home adjustments, and extraordinary medical expense. In addition, future earnings are dramatically affected resulting in a dramatic impact on the victim’s lifetime financial condition.

A life care plan is a necessary part of dealing with a spinal cord injury. The life care plan is created by a specialized team of professionals including but not limited to a physiatrist, urologist, neurologist, an orthopedist, and a registered nurse with special training in the area of spinal cord injury and catastrophic injury. A mental health professional should also be part of the team.

Spinal cord injuries are life changing for the victim and for the victim’s family. The entire family structure is altered by a spinal cord injury.

For the past 36 years as a California personal injury lawyer, Attorney Sergio Feria has applied his extensive legal knowledge, legal skills, and legal experience to serve spinal cord injury victims and their families.

Spinal cord injuries, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death cases are the type of cases that Mr. Feria has litigated over the past 36 years. Mr. Feria is able to handle any spinal cord injury case that reaches his desk.

By design, The Law Office of Sergio Feria does not take on more cases than Mr. Feria and his staff can properly work up. Because of the limited case load, you are assured that your case will get the attention it deserves.

Mr. Feria has represented clients who speak many different languages, including Spanish. Mr. Feria is a fluent Spanish-speaking attorney.

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